Williams makes case for defence as Reds run riot

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Coach Matt Williams admitted Scotland have a long way to go in developing young players with defensive techniques which will stand up to the tests of international rugby, after his young side were outclassed by the Queensland Reds.

"I was not surprised because our defence is poor," said Williams. "It is an area we have to really work on. They have never been coached to tackle. They have only been exposed to defensive coaching for a few weeks.

"Those guys are just starting and international rugby is like rugby league; if you miss one tackle, good teams like Queensland will score a try. At international level they have to see how important it is in the game and therefore they have to look at their own performance, how they train and how they practise. We do a little defence every day but because the skills aren't in players from an early age, it is very hard to get on top of them in a short space of time."

The Wallaby fly-half, Elton Flatley, worked magnificent tries for Queensland's full-back, Chris Latham, and the wing Wendell Sailor, who both scored twice. The centre Drew Mitchell, the winger Scott Barton and the hooker, Tai McIsaac, also scored. The Glasgow winger Sean Lamont got the Scots on the board.

Queensland Reds: C Latham; W Sailor, D Mitchell, J Pelesasa, S Barton; E Flatley (capt), J Valentine; N Stiles, S Hardman, A Mathison, N Sharpe, V Humphries, J Roe, D Croft, L Doherty.

Scotland:R Kydd; S Lamont, B Hinshelwood, G Morrison, H Southwell; G Ross, M Blair (capt); C Smith, R Russell, A Jacobsen, C Hamilton, A Kellock, A Hall, J Petrie, D Macfadyen.

Referee M Goddard (Aus).