World Cup diary: Partying hell's angels kick mighty Scottish squad into touch

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"For heaven's sake, mate, these guys are 7ft tall and weigh 300-400lbs, what have they got to fear from us?"

So said Jason of The Bandidos, who, no, aren't an Aussie boy band or official Uruguayan supporters' club, but a 400-strong chapter of Australian Hell's Angels whose pierced noses have been put out of joint by the Scottish rugby team.

Jason - who must have been elected The Bandidos' president, since he's the only one who hasn't got a name such as Crab, Snake or Sundance - is under-standably peeved at the Scottish management's decision to check the side out of their Queensland hotel three days early as soon as they heard of the bikers' annual convention.

"We always book into four or five-star hotels and there is never any trouble," Jason said.

But that's not what the Scots thought. Perhaps alarmed that 100 bikers had checked into the Rydges Resort in Caloundra under one name - "Girl" - they admitted they feared that The Bandidos would party until around 5am, a full 15 minutes later than the last journalist usually retires.

So instead of staying until Monday, Scotland will now get on their bikes tomorrow and check into another five-star hotel in Brisbane. And who will pick up the bill? The good old Australian Rugby Union, who will not even get a refund from Rydges Resort.