Rugby's new England

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Q. In England's senior county rugby union competition, there are sides representing Notts, Lincs & Derbys, Leicestershire and the East Midlands. Why is there this apparent geographical overlap?

A. In rugby football terms "East Midlands" covers Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire, so there is no overlap. The RFU area called "North Midlands" is made up of Hereford, Worcester and Shropshire, which seems a little strange, but is also without any overlap, as Warwickshire and Staffordshire play as separate countries.

C Walters, Bath

Q. What is meant by making the frame in a horse race? Is it the same as being placed?

A. Making the frame means finishing in the first four, whereas being placed can vary according to the number of runners and whether the race is a handicap.

A Jourgenson, Los Angeles

A. Billy Walker was manager of Sheffield Wednesday when they won the FA Cup in 1935 and Nottingham Forest when they won it in 1959. Has any other manager won major trophies more than 20 years apart?

A. A feat that overshadows any manager's was Ralph Craig, who took part in the 100 metres in 1912 in the Olympics and then in 1948 competed with the USA in the yachting team.

K Maguire, Batley


Q. Has a Londoner ever won a major golf championship?

M Byrnes, Surrey

Q. Why is Celtic's ground sometimes called Celtic Park instead of its more traditional Parkhead name?

Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby

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