Sailing: Admiral's Cup hopes hit by congestion

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A frustrated British Admiral's Cup team are incensed that fixture congestion next month may upset their build-up for an event in which they face nationally funded opposition.

Andy Beadsworth, the helmsman of the mid-sized boat, Tony Buckingham's 40ft Easy Oars, has to compete in the Soling World Championships, in which he missed a bronze medal by one place last year, in Kiel just days before the Champagne Mumm Admiral's Cup races start in the Solent in order to secure a Sports Council grant for his continued preparation for the Sydney Games.

Some members of the three-boat British team feel that the schedule of a major regatta next week, followed by the 40ft World Championships in Poland and then the Admiral's Cup is heavy enough already without having to change disciplines.

The British are also using this dispute as a platform to grumble that, whereas the Italians send a a full support team for Cup, the British have to fund their own shore team.