Sailing: Conner hopes for winning formula

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The second British Formula One Grand Prix, which begins on the Clyde today and continues tomorrow, was not only very unlikely after the first, a year ago, it was not certain until less than a week ago.

Last year a lot of drum beating by a London-based sports event promotion agency led by Bobby Moore and another former footballer, John Mitchell, fell apart. This year, like last year, there are four boats competing.

The Clyde Cruising Club, which organised the racing in its smooth, professional way, has emerged without blemish to do the job again. But this time the Clyde Cruising Club is also holding the purse strings of a prize bag which contains pounds 90,000.

Dennis Conner, who last year sent his lieutenant, John Bertrand, to sew up the event before he arrived for a final-day appearance, is back to fight his own battles.

Bertrand is now helping Bernie Bielken's German entrant, Beck's Bier. The new entrant, Marc Pajot, skipper of France's America's Cup challenge earlier this year, is now the guardian of Gallic pride. Gaelic pride, meanwhile, is in the hands of Scotland's Mike McIntyre who is again joined by Ireland's Harry Cudmore and England's Chris Law.