Sailing: Progress in wind provided by Green

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BT's LAST hurrah as backers of Britain's National Match Racing Championship was turning into a sustained roar, fanned by 25 knots and gusting winds off Port Pendennis, Falmouth, yesterday. Progress to today's last 16 was as much a matter of hanging on as playing crafty moves, but all those who should have qualified did so.

The only surprise was in Group C, where Andy Green beat Andy Beadsworth, the Olympic Soling representative and three-times national champion, into second in their group.

The only headache was having to sort out a three-way tie for second place in one of the four groups of eight. Complexities and computers were thrown aside and a good, old-fashioned lucky dip draw settled the final 16 running order.

Conditions are predicted to ease a little today, which will please the likes of Chris Law, who has honed his skills against the best in the world to put himself and his crew up to No 2 in the rankings.

Equally thankful will be another Olympian, Shirley Robertson, who was one of those picking a number out of the hat and had suffered a double pre-start penalty. Her all-woman crew joins a similar effort led by Jessie Cuthbert among the qualifiers.