Sailing: Protests after race debacle

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THE "RADIOGATE" problem of sorting out the Class Two's race in Skandia Life Cowes Week on Tuesday took an extra twist yesterday. It was announced that the boats who came first, second and third would, instead, be awarded average points, while the fourth-placed craft, Chris Jago's Flamboyant, would be winner of the Aisher Salver.

The confusion arose after the Royal Yacht Squadron announced first one course, then another to be sailed around the Solent. The amended course was repeated, but 23 of the competing yachts failed to register and sailed the original course, which was the same as Class One.

The race was won by Stephen Fein's Full Pelt, and Jago said yesterday that he was firstly unhappy to be awarded the race this way and, left to his own, he would share the prize with Graham Deegan, a friend who crews on Full Pelt.

Second-placed Jonty Sherwill, sailing the boat he and Stephen Jones designed for Ken Trench, Diva, was even less happy. He was last night seeking to protest the judgement of the jury, and Full Pelt's Jo Richards was curious to know how the Squadron had managed to lose the tape recordings of all the announcements and procedures for the start of that race.

On the water, apart from setting the same drawn-out courses, and as Fein won for the third day in a row, conditions were sparkling for the week's second major prize, the New York Yacht Club Challenge Cup.

Compensating for a disappointing Commodores' Cup the week before, Tony de Mulder lifted the silverware with his two-year-old Ed Dubois 37-footer, Victric 4.