Sailing: Roberts enters the time debate

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STAVELEY ROBERTS, the Scot who now chairs the international jury, yesterday agreed to tackle criticism of the award of over 21 hours in compensation to Dennis Connor's Winston for the time lost after responding to a distress call by the Italian yacht, Brooksfield, on the second leg of the Whitbread Race.

He has agreed to consider requests from three yachts, Intrum Justitia, Yamaha and Galicia, that the matter be reexamined. They want the award to be more 'equitable' to all the other competitors.

With a neat shuffle, Roberts referred to John Warren, the chief measurer of the Royal Ocean Racing Club, the problem of deciding whether all the metal components of Winston's mast are in accordance with the rules. Tokio's skipper, Chris Dickson, claims they are using an illegal type of stainless steel.

Dickson then asked the jury to hear his own complaint that the jury in Fremantle should not force him to keep his radar antenna rigged up the mast at all times. The Auckland jury backed the Fremantle jury.

An increasingly unhappy watch leader, Andrea Proto, is to leave Brooksfield, having been with the project from the start. Also leaving, but not unexpectedly, are Albino Favrezzi and Giuli Romanengo.

This leaves the skipper, Guido Maisto, with the problem of finding four crew for the fourth leg as he wishes to sail with a total of 12. Better news from Spain was that Jan Santana is recovering well from strained knee ligaments and should rejoin Galicia for the next leg.

The last two yachts, the old maxi Uruguay Natural and the second Ukrainian W60, Odessa, finished the third leg yesterday.

Final third leg standings,

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