Sailing: Smith faces race against time

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ONCE again Lawrie Smith has managed to claw back the miles on the Whitbread Race leader, Ross Field, but time is running out for the man who saw three previous legs of hard work rewarded with the 60-class lead when Tokio was dismasted, writes Stuart Alexander.

Smith and the crew of Intrum Justitia could only watch in dismay when Field's Yamaha stole a 200- mile march. Even if Smith kept up yesterday's slight speed advantage to the finish, he would still be 120 miles behind in Fort Lauderdale. Field is now expected to finish on Sunday as lighter airs are predicted.

WHITBREAD ROUND THE WORLD RACE Fifth leg (Punta del Este, Urug, to Fort Lauderderdale, Fla, US) Positions (with miles to the finish): Maxi class: 1 Merit Cup, 1,084; 2 New Zealand Endeavour, 1,138; 3 La Poste, 1,336; 4 Uruguay Natural, 1,772. Whitbread 60s: 1 Yamaha, 943; 2 Intrum Justitia, 1,136; 3 Galicia '93 Pescanova, 1,206; 4 Brooksfield, 1,208; 5 Winston, 1,274; 6 Heineken, 1,478; 7 Hetman Sahaidachny, 1,616; 8 Odessa, 1,915; 9 Dolphin & Youth, 2,662; 10 Tokio, 3,079. BT Results Service