Sailing: Struggle ahead for Law and Warden Owen

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IT WAS a day in a languid Solent doldrums for Britain's top-ranked match racer, Eddie Warden Owen, of frustration for the overnight leader, France's Thierry Peponnet, and a fight back into contention for Warden Owen's nearest rival Chris Law, as the light breeze slowed progress in the Lymington Cup.

Peponnet ended the first round of nine races in the lead at seven wins to two losses, but lost two early races in round two and saw Denmark's Jesper Bank, the 1992 gold medallist in the Soling, and his compatriot, Marc Bouet, join him in the lead.

Snapping at their heels with seven wins was Chris Law, fuming at an iffy decision by the umpires in the race he lost to the Netherlands' Roy Heiner, who shared with the third Frenchman, Betrand Pace, six wins. Warden Owen was having a bad day, adding four losses.

The race officer, Nick Potter, made them all stay for a fourth flight in round robin two. It was lucky 13 for Warden Owen, who scored his first win of the day, over Spain's Pedro Campos. Making the semi-final cut will be tense for Law, and a struggle for Warden Owen.

LYMINGTON CUP (win-loss records after 13 of 18 qualifying races; top four to semi-finals): 1 Peponnet, Bouet, and Bank, 9-4; 4 Law and Pace, 7-6; 6 Heiner, 6-7; 7 Warden Owen and Beadsworth, 5-8; 9 Campos and Lucas, 4-9.