Scales fights back at Leeds chairman

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John Scales has attacked Bill Fotherby, the Leeds United chairman, after being called a "liar" and a "sneak". Fotherby was upset when Scales pulled out of a move to Leeds last weekend to sign for Spurs instead.

It may have all passed peacefully enough but the next game at Elland Road happened to be against Tottenham. Scales' U-turn prompted angry scenes outside the ground before Saturday's 0-0 draw with many fans calling him a "Judas" and a "turncoat" amid a chorus of boos and jeers.

The 30-year-old former Liverpool central defender, who did make the bench for the Premiership match, remained unconcerned about the supporters' verbal broadside, but he described Fotherby's name-calling as "outrageous".

"I don't think the reception I was given by the fans was too bad," he said. "I thought it was fine, especially after the comments Bill Fotherby made. I have never heard so much rubbish in my life."

Scales, who was born in Harrogate, grew up as a Leeds fan and played for them until he was released as a 19-year-old, admitted he had not spoken to or seen Fotherby before or after the game. "I feel let down by what Fotherby said. He came out with some unpolite things.

"He made certain comments to certain people at the club that he had presumed I was signing, but that was never the case.

"To then be called a liar and a sneak is an outrageous claim. I was made a very good offer and I said I wanted time to consider things. That was my prerogative all along."

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