SCARLET FACES IN ATLANTA: Yesterday's Olympic bloomers

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No one likes being taken for a ride, and five members of the Armenian weightlifting team put their collective muscle to use when a lady of the night failed to come up with the goods.

The eager lifters gave the woman $100 in return for an address where she would meet them. However, when the men got there the door was locked and they tried to barge their way in.

Sadly, the show of force attracted the attention of the Atlanta police, who slapped on the cuffs. Disgrace loomed, but the five were released from custody at 7am when the woman proved more accommodating on the clemency front than she did with her favours and refused to press charges.

Two Spanish athletes, who were the worse for wear, were not so lucky. Arrested for indecent exposure, they ended up in Fulton County Jail.