Scottish Football: Disparate visions of the future

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SCOTLAND'S top clubs continue to seek change and, after voting down the Scottish League's proposal for divisions of 14-12-12 last week, it has become open season for interested parties to put forward their own vision of the future, writes David McKinney.

Jack Steedman, the Clydebank chairman, will circulate clubs with his plan for divisions of 16-12-10 this week, a proposal which is doomed to failure, given the current level of support for a smaller top tier.

More realistic is a bid by St Johnstone to have 10 teams in a Premier Division, in a proposal to be published this week.

Whatever direction the game takes, there is likely to be a degree of animosity among the top clubs, following Celtic's decision to vote against their Super League colleagues last Thursday and their subsequent complaint to the Scottish Football Association over comments made by directors of other clubs. David Murray of Rangers, the Aberdeen vice-chairman, Ian Donald, and Jim Oliver, the

Aberdeen vice-chairman, Ian Donald, and Jim Oliver, the chairman of Partick Thistle, all face disrepute charges.