Scottish Football: Hearts embroiled in storm

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HEARTS supporters are becoming increasingly convinced that Celtic do not have the exclusive rights to the term 'crisis'. They are demanding to be heard amid feelings of paranoia that Celtic's troubles grabbed the headlines while their problems are ignored, writes David McKinney.

Celtic at least are winning games while the Edinburgh side have recorded just one victory in the last 16 matches, and after the 1-0 defeat by Raith the Hearts fans made their feelings known by demonstrating outside Tynecastle for 20 minutes after the game.

The targets for their attentions are Wallace Mercer, the club chairman who is looking to sell his shares in the club, and Sandy Clark, the manager.

However, while neither can be pleased with the recent run it is unlikely there will be changes. The club are in the process of finding funds for a new stadium giving them little money to throw around while to sever Clark's employment would entail some outlay.