Scottish union sets contract deadline

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The Scottish Rugby Union has set a deadline of 9 October for new contracts issued to potential full-time players to be signed.

The new contracts have been modified from the first contracts after discussions between the SRU and representatives of the players. Among the modifications made are the possibility for players to enhance their earnings by writing columns in newspapers and magazines, promotional work and endorsements.

Scotland squad players held talks with the SRU yesterday at Murrayfield instead of taking part in a scheduled training session. Afterwards, the SRU president, Fred McLeod, said "most outstanding issues have now been resolved". Before the deadline date for signing the contracts, the Scotland players will have the chance to view the contents of a revised package expected to be presented to them by English Professional Rugby Union Clubs.

n Will Carling, the former England captain, last night repeated his criticism of Epruc in the wake of England's snubbed training session earlier this month. Epruc had asked the England players to meet them instead of attending Jack Rowell's practice. The players did as their employers asked, but they all turned up - with Carling - at the most recent session last week.

Carling, speaking on BBC's Rugby Special, said: "I don't believe that anyone should ask players to forfeit playing for their country. No one has that right and it's a terrible position to put the players in."

He added that Epruc "had miscalculated its worth."