Sheer class of Shearer

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Alan Shearer will remember Euro 96 with pride. By scoring five goals in five games he doubled his international tally in the span of the tournament. He also scored two penalties in the nerve-wracking shoot- outs against Spain and Germany. Stan Hey kept account of his individual contribution to England's epic match against the Germans which tells a tale of cool marksmanship, selfless running and, on occasions, isolation.

2nd min: Ince's volley forces Kopke to concede corner. Shearer pulls out to penalty spot then loops a run into space at near-post, and is rewarded when Adams's flick-on allows him to head home. (Germany tighten marking and force their way back into the game. Kuntz equalises.)

17: Shearer drifts wide on right, finds space. Gets to byline and crosses. Ball cleared.

31: Wins header in box, forcing corner.

38: Challenge on Kopke rattles the German goalkeeper.

42: Shearer makes "knock it into the corner" gesture to his midfield.

43: Anderton crosses from right, Shearer soars and angles his body to meet the ball full-on but his header bounces just wide with Kopke beaten.

44: Shearer wins ball, tackling back.

49: Babbel much tighter on Shearer at start of second half. Shearer pulls wide to both wings to find space for himself and team-mates.

57: Shearer challenges German back-four, forcing them to pass too early.

58: Out-jumps Babbel in penalty area but knock-down is cleared.

60: Wins ball from Seaman's kick, fends off Babbel, sets up Anderton for right-wing cross - too close to Kopke. Then does same for McManaman.

64: Wins tackle with Eilts on edge of box to set up shot for McManaman.

66: Beats Babbel on left and gets in cross. Ball cleared.

69: Almost gets clear of Babbel on edge of box from Gascoigne's ball.

73: Just misses headed flick by Platt.

74: Back in own box, defending free-kick.

77: Curls cross in from right. Ball cleared.

78: Pressures Kopke into poor clearance.

82: Shearer shakes off Babbel in box, but McManaman's return pass is blocked by Eilts.

89: Makes two precise lay-offs as England press for winner.

90: Lays ball off with chest for Platt, whose shot is deflected for corner.

Extra time, 2nd min: Shearer drifts out to left, taking Babbel with him, creating space for midfielders. McManaman crosses; Anderton hits post.

5: Still on left, Shearer forces throw-in. Wins header from throw, then heads across German box, but no England player is running in. (Germans force save from Seaman, and Kuntz's header is disallowed.)

9: Pulls away from Babbel on right of area. Sheringham finds him; Shearer volleys across face of German goal with Gazza just failing to get a touch.

11: Runs wide on right, caught just offside from Gazza's through ball.

14: Wins ball; pass is played in from right with Gazza stretching for cross.

15: Gets past Babbel on right. Low cross is cleared to Anderton who shoots just wide.

20: Just offside from Southgate's long ball.

22: Shearer loses Babbel in box, but Platt can't get right touch on header.

23: Just offside as Gascoigne volleys past the post.

24: Back defending German corner.

25: Wide on right - instant flick sends McManaman clear but shot is saved.

28: Beats Reuter, lays off to Gazza, but Anderton's pass goes astray.

31: Shearer controls Seaman's drop-kick. Last touch before penalty shoot- out. Shearer calmly hits England's first penalty high into corner of Kopke's net.