Shock of the new: 13 fresh features of Super League

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1 Summer rugby. Rugby league will be played in the famously dry and balmy British summer. Wigan have stopped worrying about undersoil heating and are instead drilling for water.

2 Paris St Germain. Famous name, but an uncertain prospect for one new club in competition.

3 The rules. Games will be played under a variety of new rules, all aimed at making it even faster.

4 Video replays. For extra referee in stand and for spectators at televised games.

5 World Club Challenge. End-of-season play-offs with top four Australian Super League clubs. Depend on Australia's courts.

6 One game a week. More realistic workload for players, except when there are internationals involving England, Wales and France in midweek, or when Wigan are playing Bath or catching up on games missed by playing Bath or taking part in the Middlesex Sevens.

7 Squad numbers. Get ready for scrum-halves wearing No1. Designed to sell replica shirts.

8 Leeds have no money. This time it seems to be true.

9 Saturday night is rugby night. With live TV matches at 6pm.

10 Ross O'Reilly. Little-known Australian coach has the hardest job in Super League in trying to whip Workington Town into shape.

11 Full-time professionalism. The vast majority of Super League players will have no other jobs, which should, theoretically, close the gap between Wigan and the rest.

12 Nicknames. We could get used to the Bradford Bulls or even the Oldham Bears. But the Halifax Blue Sox?

13 Wigan might not win it.