Shocked reactions to the news from Tyneside

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'My gut feeling is that he probably won't get back into football again.'

Terry McDermott, Keegan's No 2 and now caretaker manager.

'It's taken me three years to get used to calling her Keegan and now he goes and resigns!'

Tracy Cook, mother of Keegan Emily Cook, aged three.

'He is such a good role model for the children, I can hardly speak I am so disappointed.'

Nun Sister Josepha, head of a Newcastle primary school which has written the club into every school play for the last 20 years and Kevin Keegan into its hymns.

'How can he leave us? He is God around here - he is even bigger than God. He is the life of Newcastle.'

Victoria Rickaby, aged 16.

'I'm not as shocked as I was on the day he sold Andy Cole to Manchester United.'

Chris Donald, creator of the famous Geordie-based Viz comic.

'This is a black day for Newcastle. I hope he will reconsider and that those who have criticised him will also reconsider. He has very many more supporters than detractors.'

Councillor Les Russell, Lord Mayor of Newcastle.

'I'm not going to make any comment.'

Alan Shearer, Keegan's most expensive signing at pounds 15m.