Shooting pains

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From Ms G Linscott

Sir: In his entertaining feature on clay pigeon shooting (3 April) Andy Martin said: "they carry on shooting in far-away places, well out of earshot." Try telling that to villagers here - if you can be heard above the noise of shooting on a summer weekend.

Four years ago South Herefordshire District Council gave planning permission to a clay shooting school without consulting local residents. It now admits the decision was a mistake - helped to that conclusion by criticism from the local government Ombudsman. In spite of that we still get the noise.

When the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association held a championship here two years ago, the din for five days made normal life impossible. If they really hope to gain popularity and acceptance for their sport, all involved should make sure no other communities suffer in this way.

Yours faithfully


Leominster, Herefordshire

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