Snooker: Griffiths resigns because of power struggles

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THE troubled world of snooker entered a new chapter yesterday when Terry Griffiths, the former world champion, quit his pounds 50,000-a-year post as director of coaching with the game's governing body, the World Professional Billiards and Association. He had held the position for the past two years.

Griffiths said: "The continued political problems within the game makes my job impossible. Trying to deal with the Association under normal circumstances is difficult enough. But just lately the current horrific situation has left me in an untenable position. I am bitterly disappointed but I had no alternative. Since my appointment my work has been disrupted by power struggles within the game."

Griffiths, world champion at his first attempt in 1979, declined to elaborate on his future plans. However, he would be an ideal candidate for chairman should Rex Williams be voted out of office at an extraordinary general meeting in Bristol next Wednesday.

Last night his employers paid tribute to Griffiths, saying: "We are naturally concerned about the reasons he gave for his resignation. We will be making every effort to persuade him that the current problems within the game will soon be resolved."