Snooker: Morgan fast gaining recognition

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DARREN MORGAN may have risen into the world's top eight players without really acquiring the headlines he deserves, but at least Steffi Graf knows who he is. Or at least she has met him, writes Guy Hodgson from Sheffield.

On holiday in Spain four years ago he saw the world's best women's tennis player and was moved to make an introduction. 'Hello. I'm Darren Morgan, the snooker player,' he said. At the time, keen followers of the sport would have been hard put to place him.

It takes nerve to do that and there was no lacking in that department yesterday when he took a significant step towards his first Embassy World Championship semi-final. After the first of three scheduled sessions against the 1991 champion, John Parrott, he leads 6-2 in the best-of-25-frame match.

Morgan would have built an even more impressive position but for missing a blue in the final frame of the day. Parrott acquired a 25 and a frame that was urgently needed.

James Wattana also requires a swing in form after Steve Davis took a 6-2 lead in their quarter-

final. Stephen Hendry, meanwhile, moved closer to his third successive title when he opened a 10-6 lead over Nigel Bond.