Speed Skating: Gooch in a spin: Unpolished Briton

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WHEN Britain's Nicky Gooch won overnight fame and a bronze medal in the Olympics, the euphoria which carried forward to the World Short-Track Championships at Guildford Spectrum was not just enough, writes Cathy Gibb.

When that failed to materialise after a succession of falls in all his three different distances, Gooch has suddenly become an overnight disappointment as the British media and a solitary radio buff shut up shop after their story of possible success by the lonely Brit had died a death by mid-afternoon on the third and final day.

The 21-year-old Gooch would be the first to admit that he is still tactically nave and admitted to being 'far too laid back' going into Saturday's 1,000 metres quarter-finals.

Instead of choosing the 'play it safe' route, Gooch decided to opt for the 'live dangerous now' option, which cost him a place in the semi- finals after a clash of skates promptly deposited him on the ice rump first and dumped him out of the World Championships.