Sport in Short: Athletics

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A GERMAN high jumper has said some of the country's athletics officials had supplied banned drugs to athletes for years. Carlo Thranhardt, who won bronze for West Germany at the 1986 European Championships, said: 'I know that there were officials who not only supplied steroids and other stuff to athletes but smuggled them into the country as well.'

DAVID GRINDLEY, the British 400 metres runner, will race against the World Cup winner Sunday Bada, of Nigeria, in the TSB international at Birmingham's national indoor arena on 20 February.

NORTHUMBERLAND County Council is to sponsor three international road races this spring and the first European cross-country championships in 1994 to the tune of pounds 300,000.

THE track at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre is to be resurfaced between April and June at a cost of about pounds 100,000.