Sport in Short: Athletics

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RUSSIA'S Yolanda Chen set a women's world triple jump indoor record of 14.46 metres in Moscow on Sunday.

HEIKE DRECHSLER and Dieter Baumann, two of Germany's Olympic champions, will miss the world indoor championships in Toronto from 12 to 14 March.

GERMAN TEAM (for world indoor champs, Toronto, 12-14 March): Men: 400m: R Lieder, K Just. 800m: N Motchebon. 3,000m: M Doering, H Fuhlbrugge. 60m hurdles: F Schwarthoff, D Koszewski. 5,000m walk: R Weigel. High jump: H Beyer. Pole vault: W Holl. Long Jump: D Haaf, C Thomas. Triple jump: R Jaros. Shot: S-O Buder, D Urban. Women: 60m: M Paschke. 400m: K Janke. 800m: H Huneke. 3,000m: C Mai. 60m hurdles: B Wolf, C Jung. 3,000m walk: B Anders, S Thust. High jump: H Henkel, M Goldkamp. Long jump: S Tiedtke, H Radtke. Triple jump: Radtke, A Vokuhl. Shot: S Storp, K Neimke.