Sport in Short: Athletics

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COLIN JACKSON, of Britain, warmed up for the world indoor championships in Toronto next weekend by equalling his own world best time of the year for the 60 metres hurdles in Karlsruhe, Germany, on Saturday. The 26-year-old Welshman recorded 7.44sec to beat the Canadian Olympic champion Mark McKoy, who was second in 7.46.

WORLD CROSS CHALLENGE SERIES (San Vittore Olona, It): Men (10km): 1 F Bayesa (Eth) 32min 24sec; 2 W Bekila (Eth) 32:36; 3 H Silasie (Eth) 32:36. Selected: 6 S Tunstall (GB) 33:01; 9 B Dee (GB) 33:20. Overall standings: 1 Bayesa 100pts; 2 J Kariuki (Ken) 80; 3 I Kirui (Ken) 78. Selected: 6 Tunstall 71; 9 J Brown (GB) 58. Women (5km): 1 E Kiplagat (Ken) 18:56; 2 O Bondarenko (Rus) 19:03; 3 E Fidatov (Rom) 19:05. Overall: 1 C McKiernan (Irl) 97pts; 2= A Dias (Port) and Kiplagat 88.

NAGOYA INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S MARATHON: 1 K Gradus (Pol) 2hr 27min 38sec.