Sport in Short: Athletics

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JON RIDGEON won a 400 metres hurdles yesterday in a faster time than the British Olympic hopeful, Max Robertson. Ridgeon, who failed to qualify for Barcelona in the 110m hurdles, ran 51.30sec in the British League match at West London Stadium to win the B race. He also won the 110m hurdles and 200m, and helped Belgrave Harriers take the sprint relay and overall victory in the match.

BRITISH LEAGUE Men's First Division (West London Stadium): 100m: E Bunney (Caledon Park) 10.9sec. 200m: J Ridgeon (Belgrave) 21.15. 400m: D McKenzie (Shaftesbury Barnet) 47.21. 800m: D Strang (Haringey) 1:50.29. 1500m: S Fairbrother (Haringey) 3:50.04. 5,000m: P Evans (Belgrave) 13:57.33. 110m hurdles: Ridgeon 14.13. 400m hurdles A: M Robertson (Haringey) 51.59. B: Ridgeon 51.30. 3,000m steeplechase: G Matheson (Caledon Park) 9:11.2. High jump: D Grant (Haringey) 2.20m. Pole vault: W Siley (Wolverhampton & Bilston) & M Johnson (Haringey) 5m. Long jump: D Mathieson (Caledon Park) 7.19m. Triple jump: T Fasinro (Haringey) 14.88m. Shot: P Edwards (Belgrave) 18.25m. Discus: A Ekoku (Belgrave) 52.88m. Hammer: M Jones (Shaftesbury Barnet) 66.80 (man of the match). Javelin: N Bevan (Belgrave) 77.20m. 4x100m: Belgrave 40.73. 4x400m: Shaftesbury Barnet 3:12.57. Match result: 1 Belgrave 396pts; 2 Haringey 359; 3 Shaftesbury Barnet 286; 4 Caledon Park 265; 5 Birchfield 257; 6 Thames Valley 248; 7 Wolverhampton & Bilston 213; 8 Old Gaytonians 146. Positions after three matches: 1 Belgrave 23pts; 2 Haringey 22; 3 Birchfield 18; 4 Shaftesbury Barnet 14; 5 Thames Valley 12; 6 Caledon Park 11; 7 Wolverhampton & Bilston 7; 8 Old Gaytonians 3.

SHELLEY HOLROYD bade a record- breaking farewell to the TSB English Schools championship in the senior girls' javelin at rain-swept Hull yesterday. The 19-year-old Sale Harrier broke the old mark of 56.16 metres by 34 centimetres with her first throw. Pole vaulter Nick Buckfield, 19, cleared 5.15m to better the five-year-old previous best by 15cm.

TSB ENGLISH SCHOOLS CHAMPIONSHIPS (Hull; winners only): BOYS: Senior: 100m: J Fergus (Essex) 10.98sec. 200m: A Condon (Cheshire) 21.44. 400m: C Southam (Leics) 47.28. 800m: M Sesay (West Yorks) 1:52.19. 1500m: M Hibbard (Leics) 3:51.10. 3,000m: S Barden (Kent) 8:13.94. 110m hurdles: K Lumsdon (Northuberland) 14.45. 400m hurdles: A Bursumato (Cleveland) 52.94. 2,000m steeplechase: S Kefford (Cheshire) 5:44.60. 4x100m: Essex 42.15. High jump: B Reilly (Northants) 2.18m. Long jump: W Willie (W Midlands) 6.96m. Triple jump: O Achike (Sussex) 15.60m. Pole Vault: N Buckfield (Sussex) 5.15m (championship best). Shot: J Tyler (Staffs) 16.41m. Hammer: A McNicholas (Beds) 56.60m. Discus: E Close (Cheshire) 44.06m. Intermediate: 100 metres: C Browne (West Midlands) 11.26. 200m: C Archer (Middx) 22.61. 400m: G Bullock (Lancs) 48.40. 800m: C Beswick (Greater Manchester) 1:56.05. 1500m: S West (Leics) 3:59.9. 3,000m: S Jackson (Derbys) 8:46.6. 100m hurdles: C Pember (Hereford & Worcester) 13.78. 400m hurdles: A Bargh (Hants) 53.71. 1500m steeplechase: B Reese (Cheshire) 4:23.58. Long jump: J Clawley (Staffs) 6.87. 4x100m: West Midlands 43.39. High jump: L Broomfield (Surrey) 1.82. Discus: R McKenna (Herts) 48.54m. Hammer: N Steinmets (Beds) 61.60m.

Junior: 100m: C Edo (London) 11.30. 200m: G Beasley (Beds) 23.12. 400m: C Slater (Bucks) 52.03. 800m: R Cartwright (Leics) 2:03.23. 1500m: D Canning (Greater Manchester) 4:14.10. 4x100m: Essex 44.70. 80m hurdles: M Clements (Cambs) 10.86. GIRLS: Senior: 100m: D Hoggarth (Lancs) 12.05. 200m: D Bannister (London) 25.09. 400m: H Frost (Leics) 55.73. 800m: S Gallop (Dorset) 2:10.37. 100m hurdles: D Allahgreen (Merseyside) 14.21. 400m hurdles: N Sutton (Cheshire) 60.80. 1500m: J Mitchell (Surrey) 4:23.91. 4x100m: London 47.82. Shot: W Efobi (London) 13.82. Javelin: S Holroyd (Greater Manchester) 56.50m (Championship record). Long jump: R Irving (Merseyside) 5.96m. Intermediate: 100m: L Eastwood (Lancs) 12.32. 200m: D Mant (Dorset) 24.92. 300m: S Cocker (Merseyside) 40.79. 800m: T Ashcroft (Durham) 2.14.34. 1500m: S Murphy (Middlesex) 4:38.36. 80m hurdles: J McAughterie (Greater Manchester) 11.54. 300m hurdles: A Curbishley (Cleveland) 43.45. 4x100m: Lancashire 48.55. Javelin: K Morrison (Kent) 47.48m. Shot: H Wilding (Merseyside) 12.05m. Long jump: A Forester (Durham) 5.81m. High jump: L Evans (Suffolk) 1:73m. Junior: 100m: A Waite (Essex) 12.50. 200m: E Ania (Middlesex) 25.43. 800m: H Curnock (Gloucestershire) 2:13.84. 1500m: C Wood (Northumberland) 4:41.41. 75m hurdles: E Fairs (Derbyshire) 11.29. Discus: L Braddock (Berks) 35.04m. 4x100m: Shropshire 49.92.

CAORLE MEETING (Italy; hand-timed): Men: 100m: 1 B Surin (Can) 9.9sec; 2 F Fredericks (Nam) 10.0; 3 C Smith (US) 10.1. 200m: 1 Fredericks 20.3; 2 Smith 20.6; 3 C Postinger (Aut) 20.6. 800m: 1 R Abdenouz (Alg) 1:47.01; 2 A Giocondi (It) 1:47.03; 3 C Ocky (US) 1:47.04. 3,000m: 1 J Koech (Ken) 7:50.9; 2 J Gregorek (US) 7:54.6; 3 G Witely (US) 7:55.0. 110m hurdles: 1 R Nehemiah (US) 13.7; 2 M Re (It) 13.9; 3 N Tadjine (Alg) 14.0. 400m hurdles: 1 C Neal (US) 50.0; 2 F Khaiadi (Tun) 50.4; 3 H Amike (Nig) 51.3. High jump: 1 J Jakoby (US) 2.24m; 2 T Kemp (Baham) 2.21; 3 M Benvenuti (It) 2.15. Javelin: 1 R Hecht (Ger) 78.80m; 2 P Blank (Ger) 75.20; 3 I Mustapic (Sloven) 75.16. Women: 100m: 1 L Ardissone (It) 11.4; 2 L Marin (US) 11.6; 3 L Gallicani (It) 11.7. 400m hurdles: 1 E Zamperoli (It) 56.3; 2 R Edeh (Can) 56.5; 3 S Williams (US) 57.1.