Sport in Short: Athletics

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THE new javelin with which Czechoslovakia's Jan Zelezny threw a world record 94.74 metres in Oslo last week is illegal, according to a Finnish official. Eero Uotila, an IAAF technical official, and Esa Paasonen, the head coach for throwing disciplines in Finland, examined the Nemeth 200/90 evolution model, which carries a tubular mid-section made of graphite which wraps around the shaft like a sheath. Uotila said the rules dictate that the shaft should be one piece, made of metal.

INTERNATIONAL MEETING (Salamanaca, Sp, winners only) Men: 100m (windspeed +0.6 m/s): B Surin (Can) 10.05sec. 200m (windspeed +1.9m/s): M Johnson (US) 19.91. 400m: R Hernandez (Cuba) 45.45. 800m: R Kibet (Ken) 1min 45.54sec. 1500m: W Kirochi (Ken) 3.35:44. 110m hurdles (windspeed +1.0m/s): F Schwarthoff (Ger) 13.16. 400m hurdles: S Matete (Zam) 48:32. 4 x 100m: Cuba 38.53. Long jump: I Pedroso (Cuba) 8.43m. Hammer: E Hernandez (Cuba) 69.96. Discus: R Moya (Cuba) 60.68. High jump: J Sotomayor (Cuba) 2.30. Triple jump: (all with windspeed over +2m/s): M Conley (US) 17.42. Women: 100m: 1 M Ottey (Jam) 10.80. 400m: 1 S Richards (Jam) 51.96. 800m: 1 A Fidelia Quirot (Cuba) 1:59.52. High jump: 1 S Kostadinova (Bul) 2.00m.