Sport in Short: Badminton

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KOREA OPEN (Seoul) Men's singles: Final: J Suprianto (Indon) bt T Stuer Lauridsen (Den) 15-3 18-13. Double final: Zheng Yumin and Huang Zhangshong (Ch) bt J H Christensen and T Lund (Den) 5-15 18-10 15-8. Women's singles: Semi-finals: S Susanti (Indon) bt M Timur (Indon) 11-6 11-7; Bang Soo Hyun (S Kor) bt T Jiuhong (Ch) 12-10 11-4. Final: Bang Soo Hyun bt Susanti 12-9 11-5. Mixed doubles final: Lund and C Bengtsson (Swe) bt Christensen and A M Bille (Den) 15-9 12-15 15-4.

ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND INTER-COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP First Division: Lancashire 8 Scottish Midland 7; Worcestershire 7 Lothian 8; Lancashire 10 Lothian 5; Worcestershire 5 Scottish Midland 10; Surrey 12 Hampshire 3.