Sport in Short: Baseball

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THE Colorado Rockies, the new franchise, won their first game at home in front of 80,227 people, a record for a regular season National League match. Bryn Smith pitched seven scoreless innings in the impressive 11-4 victory over the Montreal Expos.

NATIONAL LEAGUE: Chicago Cubs 11 Philadelphia Phillies 7; Colorado Rockies 11 Montreal Expos 4; San Diego Padres 2 Florida Marlins 1; Pittsburgh Pirates 6 San Francisco Giants 5; Atlanta Braves 2 Los Angeles Dodgers 0; Houston Astros 7 New York Mets 3; St Louis Cardinals 8 Cincinnati Reds 2.

AMERICAN LEAGUE: New York Yankees 11 Chicago White Sox 6; Toronto Blue Jays 13 Cleveland Indians 10; Minnesota Twins 8 Kansas City Royals 7; Texas Rangers 3 Boston Red Sox 1; California Angels 7 Detroit Tigers 5; Milwaukee Brewers 6 Oakland Athletics 5; Seattle Mariners 6 Baltimore Orioles 0.