Sport in Short: Bowls

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BRITISH ISLES WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL SERIES (Bournemouth): Singles semi-finals: B Morgan (Wal) bt J Evans (Eng) 25-20; P Nolan (Irl) bt S Gourlay (Sco) 25-21. Final: Nolan bt Morgan 25-16. Pairs semi-finals: D Farman and J Campbell (Eng) bt P John and G Miles (Wal) 27-10; R Ivie and M Hoey (Irl) bt W McCrae and V Nairn (Sco) 33-7. Final: England bt Ireland 30-18. Triples semi-finals: Ballymoney (Irl) bt Oxford (Eng) 12-10; LLandrindod Wells (Wal) bt Dalry (Sco) 18-16. Final: Ireland bt Wales 20-10. Fours semi-finals: Dalserg (Sco) bt Edmonton (Eng) 20-12; Gilfach Bargoed (Wal) bt Lisnagarvey (Irl) 33-10. Final: Wales bt Scotland 27-9.