Sport in Short: Bowls

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WENDY LINE, the 1986 Commonwealth champion from Southampton, reached her fourth English women's singles final at Leamington Spa. In the final, she faces either Irene Molyneux or Elizabeth Shorter.

LIVERPOOL VICTORIA INSURANCE WOMEN'S NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Royal Leamington Spa): Singles: Second round: D Searle (Wickford) bt P Mills (Farnham) 21-12; G Bolt (Rugby Thornfield) bt J Green (West Moors) 21-8. Third round: J Newman (St Austell) bt Y Groom (Street) 21-14; E Shorter (County Arts Norwich) bt L Sandoz (Gilt Edge Kidderminster) 21-8; W Line (Southampton) bt N May (West Cornwall) 21-15; A Anderson (Woodland) bt S Molton (Bristol St Andrews) 21-19; J Stern (Harrow) bt J Armstrong (Edenside) 21-11; Searle bt D Sekjer (Maidstone) 21-17; Bolt bt D Hall (Glen) 21-18; I Molyneux (Oxford C&C) bt I Jones (Tewkesbury) 21-11. Quarter-finals: Shorter bt Newman 21-17; Molyneux bt Searle 21-14; Line bt Anderson 21-12; Bolt bt Stern 21-13. Semi-final: Line bt Bolt 21-11. Fours: Quarter-finals: Players Nottingham (Skip: G Hofton) bt Stratford-upon-Avon (L Chedgzoy) 22- 15; Silver Band Long Eaton (N Hazzledine) bt Chichester Priory (W Adams) 24-15; Sunbury Sports (M Steele) bt Oxford C&C (I Molyneux) 20-10; Kearsney (A Smith) bt Wymondham Dell (S Flood) 19-18. Semi-finals: Players Nottingham bt Silver Band Long Eaton 27-15; Kearsney bt Sunbury Sports 22-7.