Sport in Short: Bowls

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WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (Worthing) Ninth round: Singles, Section A: Guernsey (M Smith) bt Zambia (D Naysmith) 25-21; Jersey (D Le Marquand) bt Cook Islands (J Akaruru) 25-23; Kenya (M Dugdale) bt Japan (S Wedge) 25-11; New Zealand (P Belliss) bt Swaziland (H Abrahams) 25-13; Wales (W Thomas) bt Norfolk Island (B Wilson) 25-7; Canada (P Mutter) bt Zimbabwe (M McCormick) 25-13. Section B: Israel (J Rabkin) bt Australia (R Parrella) 25-8; Fiji (C Turagabeci) bt Singapore (C H Yoong) 25-22; Argentina (J Riveros) bt Hong Kong (M McMahon) 25-16; Namibia (I Crawford) bt India (P Bengani) 25-17; Ireland (S Adamson) bt Papua New Guinea (R Wild) 25-16; South Africa (E Moseley) bt Thailand (S Sopon) 25-13. Fours, Section A: Australia bt Singapore 31-15; Canada bt Botswana 27-9; England (J Ottaway, R Cutts, A Thomson and J Bell) bt Fiji 20-18; Cook Islands bt Jersey (A Syvret, A Cuemard, F Hambly and M Coutouly) 23-16; Kenya bt Japan 30-17; S Africa bt Zimbabwe 20-15. Section B: Argentina bt Norfolk Islands 20-14; HK bt PNG 31-15; Scotland (G Robertson, A Blair, W Wood and A Marshall) bt Zambia 30-9; Swaziland bt India 27-11; Namibia bt USA 36-11; Israel bt Wales (R Weale, S Rees, J Price and S Wilshire) 21-12.

10th round: Singles, Section A: England bt Zambia 25-23; Guernsey bt Swaziland 25-19; Kenya bt Cook Is 25-14; NZ bt Canada 25-19; Norfolk Is bt USA 25-21; Wales bt Japan 25-7. Section B: Botswana bt Thailand 25-17; HK bt PNG 25-6; India bt Singapore 25-15; Israel bt Ireland 25-16; Scotland bt Argentina 25-24; Namibia bt S Africa 25-23. Fours: Section A: Australia bt Japan 39-11; Botswana bt Zimbabwe 28-18; Canada bt Ireland 19-15; Jersey bt Singapore 34-13; Guernsey bt Kenya 33-14; Fiji bt S Africa 21-20. Section B: Argentina bt Thailand 29-13; HK bt Zambia 21-11; NZ bt PNG 25-16; Scotland bt Israel 27-12; Swaziland bt Norfolk Is 21-16; India bt USA 22-13.