Sport in Short: Bowls

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ENGLISH BOWLING FEDERATION NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (Skegness) Men's semi-finals: Two-Bowl singles: G Shepperson (Shirland MW) bt R Harris (Gedney Hill) 21-20; N Eagle (Peterborough Railway) bt D Broadhurst (Spalding Ayscoughfee) 21-15. Four-Bowl singles: G Shepperson (Shirland MW) bt D Allbury (Acle St Edmunds) 21-11; B Christie (Cleethorpes) bt S Robson (New Delaval and Newsham) 21-3. Pairs: H Topple and P Benneworth (Bull Motors) bt R Copstake and John Thompson (Longdon Terrace) 17-13; A Nelson and E Clarke (Terrington King William) bt B Deller and P Thomas (Sawtry) 28-15. Two- Bowl rinks: Terrington King William (E Clarke) bt Haverhill Town (K Deeks) 21-16; Church Warsop (A Lee) bt Thornham Magna (R Shepherd) 20-19. Three-Bowls rinks: Royal Mail Cart (J Wright) bt Enterprise (T White) 19-12; Terrington King William (G Newell) bt Blackburn Leisure (D Rutt) 14-11.

Women's semi-finals: Two-Bowl singles: M Hannant (North Walsham) bt P Mizon (Haverhill Town) 21- 19; J Chapman (Hemingford) bt S Smith (Bramhall Lane) 21-20. Four-Bowl singles: C Gowshall (Park Avenue) bt S Offler (Sherwood) 21-18; E Hind (Birtley) bt M Fisher (Warboys White Hart) 21-20. Pairs: M Godfrey and J Sheppard (Clipstone) bt M Walmsley and S Waudby (South Caves) 21-18; P Reynolds and M Malton (Peterborough GPO) bt C Jackson and B Ketteringham (Tydd St Mary) 21-14. Two-Bowl rinks: Creswell (M Archer) bt HMP (E Theobald) 22-19; Mansfield (M Hufton) bt Acle St Edmunds S (Batchelor) 19-16. Three-Bowls rinks: Old Catton (V Chapman) bt Laceby (S Webster) 17- 15; Readhead (M Charlton) bt Bedlington (V Fogerty) 21-14. Mixed pairs: D Grange and N Gowler (Ramsey) bt I and S Waudby (South Cave) 17-16; B Saywack and J Summons (Kessingland) bt R and J Kettle (Wittering) 18-14. Two-Bowls rinks: Lucas CAV (K Hollingsworth) bt Cleethorpes (H Putland) 19-14; Brampton (R McDonald) bt Longden Terrace (J Urwin) 19-17.