Sport in Short: Bowls

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EBA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Worthing) Pairs, first round: M Stacey and G Stacey (Huntley and Palmers) bt D Tucker and M Osborne (Topsham) 19-15; D Forster and D Gregory (Workington) bt E Worby and D Clifton (Downham Market Ex Servicemen) 19-15; A Wills and A Allcock (Cheltenham) bt J Syson and J Carroll (Ilkston Rutland) 23-5; A Harley and R Chamberlain (Christchurch) bt A Hawxell and A Harvey (West Park Hall) 19-15; D Holt and T Armstrong (Bolton) bt B Walsham and J Fleet (Cleethorpes) 24-12; P Black and T Collins (Belvedere) bt P White and R Jeffery (Shanklin) 25-16; K Hann and E Tappin (West Moors) bt D Turner and T Rock (Farnham) 25-9; J Durrant and R Moses (Hollingbury Park Brighton) bt J Low and P Mattrabers (Illminster) 23-17; L Whitehouse and B Borthwick (Co-op Worcester) bt S Lane and P Gilbert (Kensey Vale) 25-19; R Quinton and R Pearson (Rosedale) bt G Griffiths and R Perry (Bulmers) 21-17; W Bewick and R Bewick (Hylton Colliery) bt J Allen and R Jacklin (Co-op Luton) 25-15; G Cox and S Thomas (Blossomfield) bt M Woodward and T Campbell (Swanscoombe) 23-13; J Barrell and R C Cutts (Marlborough Ipswich) bt R M Stephenson and J Tweddle (Walker) 20-18; L Jinks and R Cousins (Leicester) bt J Keat and R Shelley (Atherley) 24-7; M Edney and M Dyer (Farringdon) bt M Johnston and L Malone (Jarrow West End) 19-17; T J Lawford and K Allen (BRSA Enfield) bt K Deeks and K Ager (Haverhill Town) 17-16; N Lees and P Lovell (Poole Park) bt P Jackson and G Jackson (Belvedere) 20-17; G Tidder and D Jarrold (Aldersbrook) bt J Stroughair and D Stroughair (Haxby Road York) 23- 20; S McCaughtrie and G N Burgess (Gilt Edge Kidderminster) bt D Hirst and J McConnell (Bedford Borough) 24-14; G Smith and A Thomson (Blackheath and Greenwich) bt A Powell and R Askey (Boston Sleaford Road) 40-12; T Perkins and I Middlemast (Bath) bt D Martin and A Briden (Garston) 25-21; T Mitchell and J Oliver (Cavaliers) bt C Smith and P Vamvacopoulos (West Wimbledon) 17-15; J Dempsey and C Stone (ICI Gloucester) bt J Moore and J Pearcey (Cowes) 23-19; T Doig and J Arnett (Elson and Robbins) bt D Pope and W Ward (Royal Leamington Spa) 25-13; I Carruthers and J Wills (Dalston) bt E Collins and J Evans (Torquay) 19-10; J Harthen and I Spoor (Gosforth) bt K O'Donnell and A King (Burgess Hill) 21-12; T Payne and J Orton (Holwell Sports) bt C Allen and S Lawer (Carnon Downs) 25-20; W Campen and E M Allen (Wellingborough) bt J Wear and P Holland (Hereford) 22-17; R Beesley and M Charlett (Summertown) bt D Bell and A Blair (Ely S and S) 30-12; M Squires and J Rigby (Boscombe Cliff) bt A Elvin and M Christmas (North Walsham) 28-12. Second round: Seymour and Rodgers bt Hufton and Mills 22-15; Stacey and Stacey bt Forster and Gregory 29-28; Wills and Allcock bt Chamberlain and Harvey 21-17; Holt and Armstrong bt Black and Collins 26-15; Durrant and Moses bt Hann and Tappin 25-13; Whitehouse and Borthwick bt Quinton and Pearson 25-19; Bewick and Bewick bt Cox and Thomas 26-8; Jinks and Cousins bt Barrell and Cutts 25-19; Edney and Dyer bt Lawford and Allen 23-18; Lees and Lovell bt Tidder and Jarrold 26-15; Smith and Thomson bt McCaughtrie and Burgess 18-13; Mitchell and Oliver bt Perkins and Middlemast

23-14; Doig and Arnett bt Dempsey and Stone 27-14; Carruthers and Wills bt Harthen and Spoor 23-21; Campen and Allen bt Payne and Orton 21-18; Squires and Rigby bt Beesley and Charlett 25-14.