Sport in Short: Cycling

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GARY NEIWAND of Australia won two golds in the world track championships in Hamar, Norway. He won yesterday's keirin after the Frenchman, Frederic Magne, was relegated to last after he had crossed the line outside the track limits. Neiwand also won the sprint on Friday, beating Germany's Michael Hubner.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (Hamar, Nor): MEN: Keirin final: 1 G Neiwand (Aus); 2 M Nothstein (US); 3 T Yoshioka (Japan); 4 N Kovsh (Rus); 5 Y Yamada (Japan); 6 F Magne (Fr). Tandem sprint, semi-finals (best of three rides): F Paris and R Chiappa (It) bt A Drcmanek and L Hargas (Cz Rep) 2-0; S Pate and D Day (Aus) bt E Raasch and M Nagel (Ger) 2-0.

WOMEN: 25km points final: 1 I Haringa (Neth) 27; 2 S Samokhvalova (Rus) 16; 3 J Grieco (US) 14; 4 K Werckx (Bel) 12; 5 B Erdin-Ganz (Swit) 10; 6 N Even (Fr) 10.