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BLYTH TAIT received pounds 14,000 at Knightsbridge Barracks, London, yesterday as winner of the global and European zones of the Land Rover FEI world three- day event rider rankings.

LAND ROVER FEI WORLD THREE-DAY EVENT RIDER RANKINGS 1992 season: Global: 1 B Tait (NZ) 345 pts; 2 M Thomson (GB) 268; 3 B Davidson (US) 230; 4 P Nolan (GB) 199; 5= K Dixon (GB), A Nicholson (NZ) 183; 7 L Murray (GB) 165; 8 J Bodenmuller (Swit) 159; 9 G Pons (Fr) 158; 10 V Latta (NZ) 157. Zone winners: Western Europe: B Tait (NZ). Eastern Europe: B Owczarek (Pol). North America: B Davidson (US). South America: A J de Almedia (Bra). Oceania: P Cribb (Aus).