Sport in Short: Football

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FRANCO BARESI, the Italian captain who has won 63 caps, announced his international retirement yesterday.

WEDNESDAY'S LATE RESULTS: UEFA CUP First round, second leg: Sporting Lisbon (Por) 1 Grasshopper Zurich (Swit) 3 (agg 3-4).

ANGLO-ITALIAN CUP DRAW: (11 Nov): Group A: Portsmouth v Cesena; Lucchese v Newcastle; Birmingham v Bari; Ascoli v Brentford. Group B: Bristol City v Cosenza; Reggiana v Tranmere; Derby v Pisa; Cremonese v West Ham. (24 Nov): Group A: Cesena v Birmingham; Newcastle v Ascoli; Bari v Portsmouth; Brentford v Lucchese. Group B: Cosenza v Derby; Tranmere v Cremonese; Pisa v Bristol City; West Ham v Reggiana. (8 Dec): Group A: Portsmouth v Lucchese; Bari v Newcastle; Birmingham v Ascoli; Cesena v Brentford. Group B: Bristol City v Reggiana; Pisa v Tranmere; Derby v Cremonese; Cosenza v West Ham. (16 Dec): Group A: Lucchese v Birmingham; Newcastle v Cesena; Ascoli v Portsmouth; Brentford v Bari. Group B: Reggiana v Derby; Tranmere v Cosenza; Cremonese v Bristol City; West Ham v Pisa.