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THE Italian football association is to launch an investigation into the transfer of the international striker, GianLuigi Lentini, from Torino to Milan. GianMauro Borsano, the Torino president, has claimed that there were irregularities in the deal. Borsano has said that Milan agreed to pay pounds 12m for Lentini, but Milan claim the fee is pounds 7m. Torino fans caused public disturbances on Wednesday to protest at the sale of the highly-rated

23-year-old forward.

BORDEAUX, newly promoted to the French First Division, have appointed the former Toulon trainer Rolland Courbis as coach. He succeeds the German, Gernot Rohr, who resigned earlier this week.

GERMANY have been fined dollars 5,800 ( pounds 3,053) by Uefa for having five players booked during their 2-0 defeat by Denmark in the European Championship final in Gothenburg last Friday. The European governing body has suspended Sampdoria's captain, Roberto Mancini, for four matches from its three club competitions for arguing with the referee at the end of the European Cup final against Barcelona at Wembley on 20 May.

SIR STANLEY MATTHEWS, 77, was awarded the gold merit order yesterday by the world governing body, Fifa, for his outstanding services to the game.

STEVE BRUCE, 31, the Manchester United defender, has signed a new three- year contract.

TRANSFERS: Craig Maskell, striker, Reading to Swindon Town, exchange for midfielder Tom Jones plus undisclosed fee. David Collins, defender, Liverpool to Oxford United, free. Trevor Senior, striker, Reading to Woking, free. Andy Clement, defender, Plymouth to Woking, free. Kevan Brown, defender, The Football League (ex-Aldershot) to Woking, free. Wayne Stemp, defender, Brighton to Woking, free. Tim Allpress, defender, Luton to Woking, free. Owen Pickard, striker, Plymouth to Hereford, free.

FOOTBALL TRUST GRANTS: Leeds United pounds 250,000 towards development of East Stand; Aston Villa pounds 250,000 towards new community suite; Crystal Palace pounds 200,000 towards new family lounge; Nottingham Forest pounds 200,00 towards developing family facilities; Sheffield United pounds 200,000 towards erection of new sports hall; Liverpool, Coventry City and Norwich City pounds 100,000 each towards community initiatives.

FA CUP / LEAGUE CUP 1992-93: Wed 19 Aug: League Cup 1st round, 1st leg. Wed 26 Aug: League Cup R1 (L2). Wed 23 Sep: League Cup R2 (L1). Wed 7 Oct: League Cup R2 (L2). Wed 28 Oct: League Cup R3. Sat 14 Nov: FA Cup R1. Wed 2 Dec: League Cup R4. Sat 5 Dec: FA Cup R2. Sat 2 Jan: FA Cup R3. Wed 6 Jan: League Cup R5. Sat 23 Jan: FA Cup R4. Wed 10 Feb: League Cup SF (L1). Sat 13 Feb: FA Cup R5. Sat 6 Mar: FA Cup R6. Wed 10 Mar: League Cup SF (L2). Sun 4 Apr: FA Cup SF. Sun 18 Apr: League Cup Final. Sat 15 May: FA Cup Final. Other dates: Sat 8 May: FA Vase Final. Sun 9 May: FA Trophy Final.

EUROPEAN CLUB CUPS 1992-93: 16 Sept: 1st round, 1st leg (all comps). 30 Sept: 1st round, 2nd leg (all comps). 21 Oct: 2nd round, 1st leg (all comps). 4 Nov: 2nd round, 2nd leg (all comps). 25 Nov: 3rd round, 1st leg (Uefa Cup) and first series of European Cup group games. 9 Dec: 3rd round, 2nd leg (Uefa Cup) and second series EC group games. 3 Mar: Quarter-finals, 1st leg (Cup-Winners' Cup and Uefa Cup) and third series EC group games. 17 Mar: Quarter-finals, 2nd leg (Cup-Winners' Cup and Uefa Cup) and fourth series EC group games. 7 Apr: Semi-final, 1st leg (Cup-Winners' Cup and Uefa Cup) and fifth series EC group games. 21 Apr: Semi-final, 2nd leg (Cup-Winners' Cup and Uefa Cup) and sixth (and final) series EC group games. 5 May: Uefa Cup final, 1st leg. 12 May: Cup-Winners' Cup Final. 19 May: Uefa Cup final, 2nd leg. 26 May: European Cup final.