Sport in Short: Golf

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BRITISH BOYS' CHAMPIONSHIP (Royal Mid- Surrey, Richmond) Third Round: First quarter: P Wilkins (Redbourn) bt A Campbell (Caerleon) 3 and 1; T Biermann (Ger) bt C Lane (Northamptonshire County) 3 and 2; R Gillot (Fr) bt B Toone (Ellesmere) at the 23rd; Y Taylor (Brynhill) w/o I Rowlands (Helsby); L Westerberg (Swe) bt G Williams (Woodford) 5 and 4; A Wall (Sunningdale) bt J Duke (Porters Park) 6 and 4; R Bain (UAE) w/o B Davis (East Herts); J Healy (Hull) bt P Edero (Swe) 2 and 1.

Second quarter: J Vizcaya (Sp) bt G Davidson (Langholme) 1 hole; K Baker (Lilleshall) bt P Williams (Ashridge) 3 and 1; F Valera (Sp) bt C Sands (Heswall) 5 and 4; G Fox (West Kilbride) bt C Challen (Stoke Poges) 3 and 2; T Havemann (Den) bt F McGuirk (Prince's) 2 and 1; E Brady (Howth) bt S O'Brien (Wanstead) at the 19th; C Castellano (Sp) bt J Doherty (Worthing) 2 and 1; P Kenyon (Hillside) bt K Pearce (Wheatley) 5 and 4.

Third quarter: F Jacobsen (Swe) bt D Howell (Broome Manor) 1 hole; M Jung (Ger) bt R Groves (Lamberhurst) at the 20th; M Foster (Worksop) bt J Loosemore (Bingley St Ives) 2 holes; J Gill (Brancepath Castle) bt S Quinlivan (Ballybunion) at the 19th; A Reid (Barassie) bt R Hall (West Kilbride) 5 and 4; N Heron (Ashridge) bt B Sandry (Exeter) 1 hole; S Little (Moorpark) bt G Harris (Broome Manor) 4 and 2; N Gibson (Selby) bt G Maly (Harpenden) 3 and 1.

Fourth quarter: M Lillistone (Cold Ashby) bt C Benians (West Cornwall) 1 hole; S Webster (Atherstone) bt G Donnison (Gosforth) 4 and 3; C Ravetto (Fr) bt R Secular (Brampton) 2 and 1; S Devenney (Strabane) bt E Murdoch (Harpenden Common) 4 and 3; C Robinson (Brookmans Park) bt F Bermudez (Sp) 1 hole; G O'Flaherty (Cork) bt M Rawson (Chevin) 2 holes; G Morton (Rossendale) bt R Noon (Lytham St Annes) 2 and 1; D Hamilton (East Herts) bt C Rodgers (Royal Mid Surrey) 4 and 2.

PEUGEOT CUP (for the PGA Assistants' Championship) (East Sussex): Leaders after second- round: 141 P Mayo (Newport) 70 71. 144 D Panks (Lindrick) 71 73. 145 M Stokes (Brentwood) 71 74; J Loughnane (Cotswold Hills) 74 71; J Mellor (Worksop) 72 73. 146 S Watson (Basingstoke) 74 72; A Collinson (Kings Lynn) 72 74. 147 S Bebb (Mountain Lakes) 75 72; C Giddins (Cowdray Park) 73 74.