Sport in Short: Ice Skating

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WORLD JUNIOR FIGURE SKATING CHAMPIONSHIPS (Seoul) Dance final: 1 E Svirina and S Sakhnovsky (Rus) 2.8pts; 2 S Nowak and S Kolasinski (Pol) 3.8; 3 B Nau and L Moneger (Fr) 5.4; 6 L Dunn and J Dunn (GB) 14.2. Pairs final: 1 I Korshunova and D Saveliev (Rus) 2.0; 2 M Petrova and A Sikharulidze (Rus) 2.5; 3 I Coulombe and B Marcotte (Can) 4.5. Men's final: 1 E Pliuta (Ukr) 1.5; 2 M Weiss (US) 5.5; 3 I Kulik (Rus) 5.5.