Sport in Short: Ice Skating

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NHK TROPHY FIGURE SKATING COMPETITION (Tokyo): Men's singles (after technical programme): 1 A Urmanov (Rus) 0.5pts; 2 P Candeloro (Fr) 1.0; 3 E Stojko (Can) 1.5. Women's singles (after technical programme): 1 Y Sato (Japan) 0.5; 2 K Koiwai (Japan) 1.0; 3 O Markova (Rus) 1.5. Pairs (after technical programme): 1 E Shishkova and V Naumov (Russia) 0.5; 2 M Eltsova and A Bushkov (Rus) 1.0; 3 I Brasseur and L Eisler (Can) 1.5. Ice dance (after compulsory and original dance): 1 M Usova and A Zhulin (Rus) 1.0; 2 A Krylova and V Fedorov (Rus) 2.0; 3 S Moniotte and P Lavanchy (Fr) 3.4.