Sport in Short: Judo

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WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS (Buenos Aires) Men (Under 21): 71kg: 1 D Yondzi (Fr); 2 Yoon Dong-Sik (S Kor); 3 A Ciupe (Rom) and M Dawson (US). 78kg: 1 P Reiter (Aut); 2 T Iwakawa (Japan); 3 L Bucholtz (Ger) and D Kingston (GB). Women (Under 19): 66kg: 1 Cai Ping-Chen (Tai); 2 S van Combrugge (Bel); 3 N Sano (Japan) and Nie Yijing (Ch). 72kg: 1 S Yisida (Japan); 2 C Verlez (Fr); 3 Y Slavin (It) and C Snevitt (Neth).

WELSH OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS (Cardiff) Men: Bantamweight (u60k): 1 J Davies (West); 2 R West (Midlands); 3 J Newton (North) and C Kinnard (Yorks and Humb). Featherweight (u65k): 1 J Bell (Mid); 2 A Frudd (Y and H); 3 D Somerville (Sco) and P Harrison (Mid). Lightweight (u71k): 1 O Pinnock (Mid); 2 L Harrow (Northern Home Counties); 3 S Ravenscroft (Mid) and D Warner (Mid). Light middleweight (u78k): 1 M McSorley (North West); 2 W Lakin (Mid); 3 J Gavin (Sco) and C Johnson (NW). Middleweight (86k): 1 J Tierney (North); 2 A Merchant (Mid); 3 D Nicholls (Mid) and G Edwards (Sco). Light-heavyweight (u95k): 1 D Sargent (South); 2 S Cross (Mid); 3 M Davies (NW) and L Hibbert (NHC). Heavyweight (o95k): 1 E Gordon (Mid); 2 S Smith (NW); 3 B Etherington (NW) and I King (Wal). Women: Bantamweight (u48k): 1 M Waine (South); 2 J Smith (South); 3 D Robertson (Sco) and F Robertson (Sco). Featherweight (u52k): 1 E Sommers (NHC); 2 H Keating (West); 3 L Floodgate (South) and A Gordon (North). Lightweight (u56k): 1 N Evans (Mid); 2 W Gardiner (West); 3 G Edwards (North) and E Woods (Mid). Light middleweight (u61k): 1 D Bell (North); 2 R Felton (Mid); 3 K Weir (Sco) and R Eddy (NHC). Middleweight (u66k): 1 S English (Wal) 2 P Robinson (London); 3 H Davidson (Wal) and C Kirk (Y and H). Light heavyweight (u72k): 1 J Horton (South); 2 E Morgan (Sco); 3 J Melen (Wal) and M Sharp (NW). Heavyweight (o72k): 1 K Knowles (NW) 2 L Maddaford (West); 3 J Steven (North) and E Johns (Wal).