Sport in short: Judo

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FOUR months after coaching the British women's team to an Olympic silver and two bronzes, Roy Inman has had his British Judo Association licence withdrawn following an investigation into financial irregularities. 'In the light of the findings from a board of inquiry, we have decided to put the matter into the hands of the police,' George Kerr, the BJA's chairman, said during the national championships at Crystal Palace yesterday. Inman resigned as women's team manager in September and is taking the BJA to an industrial tribunal. He has denied the charges, saying: 'I welcome any investigation into my accounts.'

BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIPS (Crystal Palace): Men: Bantamweight (under 60kg): Gold N Donohue (North-West); Silver J Newton (North); Bronzes S Somerville (North-West), S Twigg (South). Featherweight (u65kg): Gold I Freeman (South); Silver A Frudd (Yorkshire & Humberside); Bronzes M Ruff (Midlands), A. Lowery (North-West). Lightweight (u71kg): Gold W Cusack (Sco); Silver M Chamberlain (Midlands). Bronzes O Pinnock (Midlands), D Warner (Midlands). Light-middleweight (u78kg): Gold M McSorley (North-West); Silver C Nutter (North-West); Bronzes P Inman (NHC), P Cooke (South). Middleweight (u86kg): Gold L Alexander (London); Silver K Davis (London); Bronzes G Edwards (Sco), J Pae (Wal). Light-heavyweight (u95kg): Gold L Hibbert (NHC); Silver S Cross (Midlands); Bronzes D Gregory (South), R McLean (Sco). Heavyweight (over 95kg): Gold A Costello (West); Silver W Etherington (Midlands); Bronzes N Kokotaylo (North-West), D Finlay (Midlands). Women: Bantamweight (u48kg): Gold J Heron (Sco); Silver G Singleton (NHC); Bronzes M Waine (South), P Gemmill (NHC). Featherweight (u52kg): Gold E Summers (NHC); Silver A Gordon (North); Bronzes L Craig (Sco), M Pearson (Yorkshire and Humberside). Lightweight (u56kg): Gold N Fairbrother (NHC); Silver N Evans (Midlands); Bronzes A Brightwell (NHC), K Roberts (NHC). Light-middleweight (u61kg): Gold D Bell (North); Silver L Jessop (Wal); Bronzes K Weir (Sco), M Reveley (Yorkshire & Humberside). Middleweight (u66kg): Gold C Cohen (North); Silver C Bedford (Yorkshire & Humberside); Bronzes S Mills (North-West), Z Spence (Yorkshire & Humberside). Light-middleweight (u 72kg): Gold K Howey (South); Silver J Horton (South); Bronzes M Rogers (North-West), J Humphreys (South). Heavyweight (o72kg): Gold L Maddaford (West); Silver L MacDonald (N Irl); Bronze C McGalwey (North-West).