Sport in Short: Judo

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BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIPS (Crystal Palace): Men: Bantamweight (under 60kg): Gold N Donohue (North-West); Silver J Newton (North); Bronzes S Somerville (North-West), S Twigg (South). Featherweight (u65kg): Gold I Freeman (South); Silver A Frudd (Yorkshire & Humberside); Bronzes M Ruff (Midlands), A. Lowery (North-West). Lightweight (u71kg): Gold W Cusack (Sco); Silver M Chamberlain (Midlands). Bronzes O Pinnock (Midlands), D Warner (Midlands). Light-middleweight (u78kg): Gold M McSorley (North-West); Silver C Nutter (North-West); Bronzes P Inman (NHC), P Cooke (South). Middleweight (u86kg): Gold L Alexander (London); Silver K Davis (London); Bronzes G Edwards (Sco), J Pae (Wal). Light-heavyweight (u95kg): Gold L Hibbert (NHC); Silver S Cross (Midlands); Bronzes D Gregory (South), R McLean (Sco). Heavyweight (over 95kg): Gold A Costello (West); Silver W Etherington (Midlands); Bronzes N Kokotaylo (North-West), D Finlay (Midlands). Women: Bantamweight (u48kg): Gold J Heron (Sco); Silver G Singleton (NHC); Bronzes M Waine (South), P Gemmill (NHC). Featherweight (u52kg): Gold E Summers (NHC); Silver A Gordon (North); Bronzes L Craig (Sco), M Pearson (Yorkshire and Humberside). Lightweight (u56kg): Gold N Fairbrother (NHC); Silver N Evans (Midlands); Bronzes A Brightwell (NHC), K Roberts (NHC). Light-middleweight (u61kg): Gold D Bell (North); Silver L Jessop (Wal); Bronzes K Weir (Sco), M Reveley (Yorkshire & Humberside). Middleweight (u66kg): Gold C Cohen (North); Silver C Bedford (Yorkshire & Humberside); Bronzes S Mills (North-West), Z Spence (Yorkshire & Humberside). Light-middleweight (u72kg): Gold K Howey (South); Silver J Horton (South); Bronzes M Rogers (North-West), J Humphreys (South). Heavyweight (o72kg): Gold L Maddaford (West); Silver L MacDonald (N Irl); Bronze C McGalwey (North-West).

YESTERDAY: Juniors: Men: Bantamweight (u60k): Gold C Kinnerd (Yorks & Humberside); Silver B Stack (NHC); Bronzes D Hurst (NHC), J Houston (London). Featherweight (u65k): Gold S Moss (Midlands); Silver G Stack (NHC); Bronzes P Leisham (Sco), G Gale (South). Lightweight (u71k): Gold J Nunn (NHC); Silver P Harrison (Midlands); Bronzes E Smith (NHC), M Micheau (West). Light- middleweight (u78k): Gold C Johnson (North-West); Silver G Randal (Sco); Bronzes W Larkin (Midlands), J Lufe (South). Middleweight (u86k): Gold W Gordon (London); Silver B Scurr (NHC), Bronzes P Trend (London), M Glover (London). Light-heavyweight (u95k): Gold A Morgan (West); Silver G Brown (Yorks & Humb); Bronze D Parks (Royal Navy). Heavyweight (o95k): Gold B Cole (South); Silver J Ellis (East); Bronzes N Hawkins (London), B Weeks (South). Women: Bantamweight (u48k): Gold J Smith (South); Silver J Brien (Sco); Bronzes S Bishop (North-West), S Flynn (Midlands). Featherweight (u52): Gold K Keating (West); Silver L Floodgate (South); Bronzes N Barry (North-West), A Warner (NHC). Lightweight (u56k): Gold D Allen (South); Silver H Brown (North-West); Bronzes C Evans (Midlands), C Facey (North). Light-middleweight (u61k): Gold R Eddy (NHC); Silver M Holt (London); Bronzes M Galleitch (Sco), M Harris (Midlands). Middleweight (u66k): Gold C Kelly (South); Silver T Lakin (Midlands); Bronzes R Wilding (South), A Sneddon (Sco). Light-heavyweight (u72k): Gold M Rogers (North-West); Silver V Adams (North); Bronzes K O'Sullivan (NHC), B McKee (Yorks & Humb). Heavyweight (u72): Gold S Smith (London); Silver C McGawley (North-West); Bronzes K Bryant (South), A Measham (East).