Sport in Short: Motor Racing

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IVAN CAPELLI, of Italy, who was dropped by Ferarri for the final two races of last year, has signed to drive for two seasons for the British Formula One grand prix team, Jordan.

DAYTONA 24-HOUR RACE Leading results: 1 P J Jones/M Dismore/R Moran (US) Toyota, 698 laps (2,484.88 miles; av speed 103.536 mph); 2 T Kendall/W Dallenbach/R Gordon/R Buhl (US) Ford, 688; 3 M Martin/J Fergus/J Stevens (US) Ford, 686; 4 J Millen/J O'Connell/J Morton (US) Nissan, 668; 5 J Weaver (GB)/R Dyson (US)/P Cobb (US) Porsche 655; 6 D Bell (GB)/G Moretti (It)/J Paul Jr (US) Nissan, 645 laps, not running at the finish.