Sport in Short: Rallying

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FORD motorsport, who continue to lead the Monte Carlo rally, made an official complaint over the hazardous behaviour of fans on the course and race safety precautions after a spectator had been struck by a rally car on Saturday night. The 73-year-old spectator was taken to hospital with a broken leg but died later of a heart attack. Yesterday, the world champion, Carlos Sainz, of Spain, and his Lancia team-mate, Andrea Aghini, of Italy, withdrew from the rally after crashing.

MONTE CARLO RALLY Second day (six timed sections, 109 miles): 1 F Delecour (Fr) Ford Escort Cosworth 3hr 17min 01sec; 2 M Biasion (It) Ford Escort Cosworth +1min 29sec; 3 D Auriol (Fr) Toyota Celica +2:17; 4 J Kankkunen (Fin) Toyota Celica +2:47; 5 K Eriksson (Swe) Mitsubishi Lancer +8:57.