Sport in Short: Rallying

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DIDIER AURIOL, the leader in the Argentine rally, and the former world champion, Carlos Sainz, had their cars attacked by spectators with rocks and flaming sticks. They were angry at the cancellation of the last stage of the second leg of the race. The violence flared after organisers of the 1,890-kilometre rally in Tucuman, Argentina, decided to cut the 592km second leg short because fog had reduced visibility over the ice and mud-covered course.

ARGENTINE RALLY (Tucuman, Arg) Leading standings after the second leg: 1 D Auriol (Fr) Lancia 2hr 4min 14sec; 2 C Sainz (Sp) Toyota 2:05:25; 3 A Fiorio (It) Lancia 2:08:40; 4 J Recalde (Arg) Lancia 2:09:02; 5 G Trelles (Urug) Lancia 2:09:15. 6 C Menem Jr (Arg) Lancia 2:18:46; 7 R Stohl (Aut) Audi 2:23:16; 8 G Raies (Arg) Renault 2:24:38; 9 M Torras (Arg) Renault 2:26:25; 10 H Rosso (Arg) Fiat 2:28:12.