Sport in Short: Rallying

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MINTEX NATIONAL RALLY SERIES (Swansea): Fifth round: 1 S Finlay and D Wilson (Ulster) Ford Sierra 1hr 13min 24sec; 2 R Burns and R Reid (Reading) Subaru legacy 1:15.16; 3 B Barton and D George (Retford) MG Metro 1:15.25. 4 M Dodd and S McAuley (Poole) Ford Sierra 1:16.06; 5 D Mann and I Wray (Bungay) Toyota Celica 1:16.14; 6 B Bell and P Mills (Skegness) Ford Sierra 1:16.47. Overall standings (after fifth round of six): 1 Burns 91; 2 Barton 84; 3 Mann 80.