Sport in Short: Rallying

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PARIS-BEIJING RALLY Ninth stage (458-km): 1 Lartique and Perin (Fr) Citroen 3hr 50min. 13sec; 2 Weber and Hiemer (Ger) Mitsubishi 3:57.45; 3 Shinozuka (Jap) and Magne (Fr) Mitsubishi 4:00.11; 4 Saby and Serieys (Fr) Mitsubishi) 4:04.02; 5 Waldegard (Swe) and Gallagher (Fr) Citroen 4:16.38. Overall: 1 Saby 14hr 47min 46sec; 2 Lartigue +2min 59sec; 3 Shinozuka +19:03.