Sport in Short: Rugby Union

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FRENCH SQUAD (v South Africa, Lyons, 17 October): J-B Lafond (Racing), J-L Sadourny (Colomiers), S Viars (Brive), P Saint-Andre (Montferrand) T Lacroix (Dax), C Deylaud (Toulouse), F Mesnel (Racing), A Penaud (Brive), F Galthie (Colomiers), A Hueber (Toulon), L Armary (Lourdes) P Gonzales (Bayonne), S Graou (Auch), P Gallart (Beziers), C Deslandes (Racing), O Roumat (Dax), J-M Cadieu (Toulouse), L Cabannes (Racing), J-F Tordo (Nice), P Benetton (Agen), M Cecillon (Bourgoin, capt).